Handmade Forged Iron 5.5" Hinge For Doors & Gates

5.5" Gate Hinge 696258



  • Dimensions: short length 2" short width 3" long length 3.5" long width 3" pin diameter 3/16" back-plate thickness 7/64" weight 5 oz.
  • Hand crafted not cheap cast iron — heavy duty solid iron — every piece is skillfully made one-at-time.
  • Finish: black rust resistant coating for interior and exterior use.
  • The mounting hardware is included: decorative slotted oval head screws with black oxidized finish.
  • Decorative metal butterfly hinge ideal for gates, doors, chest, trunks and furniture but can be used for a variety of purposes.

Every piece of Borderland Rustic Hardware is handmade from start to finish by our metal artisans that have many years of metalworking experience. Our blacksmiths also have a deeply ingrained sense of pride in their work. They truly care about the quality of each piece that passes through their hands. They are skilled masters in the art of age-old forging methods. The products they make are made one-at-time with a commitment to preserving the old-world traditions of hand-crafted ironmongery that were passed down to them. These methods infuse our hardware with an authentic character of craftsmanship which is evident at the very first glance.

Borderland Rustic Hardware is driven to create top quality hand forged iron products. We work with a select group of designers to create custom made hardware to best fit their needs. We are focused on creating quality hardware that will function and last for many years. We take great pride in the fact that various tradesmen use our hardware in use of their craft. Our hardware is made for those people that want to have unique and high-quality hardware that will perform as well as it looks. Our forged iron hardware can provide value to your project by enhancing its overall level of craftsmanship.

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