Let us introduce ourselves

At Borderland Rustic Hardware, we pride ourselves on offering handcrafted iron hardware that’s created using authentic techniques and built to stand the test of time. Imbued with old-world charm, every clavo nail, hinge, bracket, pull, handle and decorative adornment is created by Blacksmiths using traditional hot and cold forging methods.

Forging is a tried and true way of working with metal, one that offers many substantial benefits over modern metalworking techniques. However, due to a shortage of experienced Blacksmiths, this method of fabrication has become scarce in the modern world, and relatively expensive.

With the knowledge gained through years of work in the hardware and export businesses, and driven by a passion for authentic and traditionally crafted hardware, our Founder Dave Hannan was able to implement a process that makes our hand forged products affordable to consumers while simultaneously supporting the craft of Blacksmith techniques.

Our craftsmen are skilled masters in the art of forging and metalworking and they carefully handcraft each product one-at-a-time. The result is a quality and authenticity of craftsmanship that’s evident at the very first glance, something that most other hardware is incapable of.

In addition to acquiring skillfully made products to function as decorative accents, gate bolts, corner brackets, door hinges, furniture knobs and endless other applications, every purchase you make helps to support our apprenticeship program that’s designed to help ensure these old-world blacksmithing techniques and knowledge will be passed onto future generations.

We invite you to browse our collection of rustic hardware to see first-hand how traditional forging techniques result in a rare authenticity of craftsmanship, something you're likely to notice at first glance and, we hope, fall in love with.