3.5" Corner Brace

Hand Crafted Not Cheap Cast - Heavy Solid Iron With Rust Resistant Coating For Interior/Exterior Use
Dimensions: 3.5" Length 0.9" Width 0.1" Projection
Decorative Iron Hardware for Furniture, Doors, Gates, Garages, and Cabinets, Pergolas
Mounting Hardware: Slotted Oval Head Screws with Black Oxidized Finish
Every Piece is Unique - Hand Crafted - Chisel Marks Are All Done By Hand

Borderland Rustic Hardware is driven to create top quality hand forged iron hardware. We are in the process of creating many new items including in various products categories that we currently do not have any offerings. We are working with designers and small furniture manufactures to create custom made hardware to best fit their needs. We realize that by directly working with these partners it allows us to be more in line with the marketplace and end consumers. We are focused on creating quality hardware that will function and last for many years. We take great pride in the fact that we have yet to hear a complaint that piece of ours has malfunctioned or been unable to withstand the elements.

Every piece of Borderland Rustic Hardware is handmade from start to finish by metal artisans that have worked with metal their whole lives. It not only took many years, to develop the technical abilities to be able to make our hardware, but our blacksmiths also have a deeply ingrained sense of pride, where they truly care about the quality of each piece that passes through their hands. They are skilled masters of the art of age-old forging method which enables them to keep all phases of fabrication in-house from start to finish. The products they produce are made one-at-time with a commitment to preserving old world traditions of hand crafted iron works which is evident at the very first glance. The decorative details or chase work on each item is struck onto each piece individually by hand using a mallet and a chisel.