10 Pack Ribbed Clavos

Heavy-duty made by hand decorative nails – black is the only finish recommended for exterior use.
Each clavo is individually hand hammered and compliments any traditional project in your home or office.
Ideal for decorating doors, cabinets, shutters, gates and other furniture items, but can be used for a variety of purposes.
Available finishes: black, oil rubbed bronze rusted, unfinished, sealed rusted, sealed unfinished 
Easy to install, simply drill a small pilot hole and tap in with a rubber mallet.

Borderland Rustic Hardware is driven to create top quality hand forged iron hardware. We are in the process of creating many new items including in various products categories that we currently do not have any offerings. We are working with designers and small furniture manufactures to create custom made hardware to best fit their needs. We realize that by directly working with these partners it allows us to be more in line with the marketplace and end consumers. We are focused on creating quality hardware that will function and last for many years. We take great pride in the fact that we have yet to hear a complaint that piece of ours has malfunctioned or been unable to withstand the elements.

Our hardware is carefully built to ensure that it will function, as designed, for many years to come. The artisans that make our products do not use any prefabricated components, nor do they rely on additional vendors to complete their projects. They are skilled masters in the art of age-old forging methods. The products they produce are made one-at-time with a commitment to preserving the old-world methods of fabrication which is evident at the very first glance of each of our products.

To install the nails it is recommended to pre-drill pilot holes into the wood or metal and use a rubber mallet to lightly tap the clavos in.

The black finish is the only finish which is recommended for exterior use. The rusted finish clavos do have a slight powder residue that does rub off when touched. The rusted nails will continue to rust and darken over time – it is recommended to use these clavos indoors or areas where they will not be handled often. The unfinished clavos will slowly oxidize overtime especially if exposed to humidity. The sealed rusted and sealed unfinished clavos can be used outside as they have been coated with a sealer that helps to prevent rust but will need to be recoated with a sealer over time depending on the elements and direct sunlight they are exposed to.