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1.5" Round Decorative Nail Clavos


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  • Heavy-duty made by hand decorative nails – black is the only finish recommended for exterior use.
  • Each clavo is individually hand hammered and compliments any traditional project in your home or office.
  • Ideal for decorating doors, cabinets, shutters, gates and other furniture items, but can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Available finishes: black, oil rubbed bronze rusted, unfinished, sealed rusted, sealed unfinished – Measurements: 1.5” wide –
  • Easy to install, simply drill a small pilot hole and tap in with a rubber mallet.

To install the nail, it is recommended to use a rubber mallet and lightly tap them into the wood. If it is an especially hard wood, you might need to pre-drill pilot holes first. If you are going to drill pilot holes, we recommend the screw diameter of 7/64”.

To select the best finish for your project you need to keep in mind the environment that the nails are going to be in. The black finish is the only finish which we recommend for exterior use.

The oil rubbed bronze finish is only recommended for interior use. The finish should darken over time and has the possibility of having a green patina if they are used in a humid environment.

The sealed finishes can be used outside, but we recommend the nails have limited expose to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will shorten the life cycle of the seal and can cause the seal to turn slightly yellowish in color. If you use the sealed nails outside you will need to re-coat the nails with a sealer from time to time and various depending on the elements. We recommend to use Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Matte Clear Spray for resealing our nails.

The unfinished clavos will eventually start to oxidize over time, especially if they are exposed to high level of humidity. Nails with our rusted are oxidized has a residue that can rub off.

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