2" Clavo (Decorative Nail)

Rustic or Traditional Hand Crafted Not Cheap Cast Solid Iron Decorative Door Clavos
Dimensions:2" Width 2" Length 0.5" Projection
Interior or Exterior Use - Sealed Rusted Finish Recommended For Interior Use -
recommended To Pre-Drill Holes And Use Rubber Mallet To Fasten Clavos
Every Piece is Unique - Hand Crafted - Chisel Marks Are All Done By Hand

To install it is recommended to pre-drill pilot holes into the wood or metal and use a rubber mallet to lightly tap the clavos in. This will help prevent the finish and clavos from being damaged.

Borderland Rustic Hardware makes highly-crafted, hand forged iron products for those who find the real value in the unique character found in each piece we make the old-fashioned way. These hand forged iron clavos will accent the beauty and authenticity of your project or home decor. Our hardware is carefully built to ensure that it will function, as designed, for many years to come. The artisans whom make our products do not use any prefabricated components, nor do they rely on additional vendors to complete their projects. They are skilled masters of the art of age-old forging methods. This enables them to keep all phases of fabrication in-house from start to finish. The products they produce are made one-at-time with a commitment to preserving old world traditions of hand-crafted iron works which is evident at the very first glance.