Copper Canyon Bronze Foundry

What is Copper Canyon Foundry?

Copper Canyon Foundry makes highly-crafted, hand cast bronze products for those who find the real value in the unique character found in every piece we make the old-fashioned way. The hand forged iron and bronze products will accent the beauty and authenticity of your project or home decor. Our hardware is carefully made to ensure that it will function, as designed, for many years to come. The craftsmen that make our hardware are skilled masters of the art of age-old casting method ‘the lost wax’ process. This is the most desirable casting process in the terms of the effective of the detail which the process can produce. The products they cast are made in small batches that vary and make them unique.

The foundry does not use modern casting methods and instead relies on the lost wax process which Leonardo Da Vinci developed. The patina that is oil rubbed bronze which was developed by an expert that has work son many famous sculptures that are displayed in Mexico and the United States. She works directly with the artists to insure the patina she develops and applies is exactly what the artist has in mind. Copper Canyon Foundry is only in the initial stages and over the next couple of years we hope to dramatically expand the range of our product offerings. If you are in the market for having a custom one of the kind metal work made we are also developing the capacity to take concepts to creations and would love to be your partner in a project. We represent the foundry in the United States and if you are in the need of having a piece of sculpture quality bronze cast feel free to get in touch.