Borderland Rustic Hardware was initially formed as a “retirement” project of Dave Hannan, whom had travelled extensively throughout Mexico. He had seen many handmade items that were readily available in Mexico, but were not available in the United States. On one of his trips, in Southern Mexico, scouring for the perfect product to sell he stumbled across a market that was selling handmade decorative iron hardware. He spoke with the proprietor of the store and was able to find the small shop that was making the hardware and he purchased various items and brought them back to El Paso Texas. Dave put the items on eBay and slowly branched out to all the other major E-Commerce sites. Overtime, he was buying as much hardware as he could get from that shop, but unfortunately, they were unable to produce enough hardware and were not interested in expanding their capacity. Growing tired of not having enough merchandise to meet the demand Dave started his long search for other blacksmith shops but was unable to find anyone that was interested in making such small items. With the realization that he was going to be unable to find any existing blacksmith shops that were interested in making the hardware he decided that he was going to have to setup his own shop. Overtime, he was able to find the top blacksmiths in Juarez, Mexico, which is in Northern Mexico next to El Paso, and overtime and much cajoling the blacksmiths became experts in making the hardware and started to produce hardware that is noticeably better than the originals. The benefit of setting up his own blacksmith shop in Juarez was that he was able to take more control of the quality that was being produced, and to create new items and even custom orders, which we had previously been unable to do.

As of right now, Borderland Rustic Hardware is continuing to strive to create top quality hardware, while also expanding our production capabilities. We are in the process of creating many new items including in various products categories that we currently do not have products. We are working with designers and small furniture manufactures to create custom made hardware to best fit their needs. We realize that by directly working with these partners it allows us to be more inline with the marketplace and end consumers. As of right now we are currently working on producing a new line of push plates and kick plates and are working on developing our own line of cabinet hardware. We are looking to develop many new products in the coming years and are very interested in partnering up with others to create products that best serve their needs.

What sets us apart We are focused on creating quality hardware that will function and last for many years. We take great pride in the fact that we have yet to hear a complaint that piece of ours has malfunctioned or been unable to withstand the elements. Every piece of Borderland Rustic Hardware is handmade from start to finish by metal artisans that have worked with metal their whole lives. It not only took many years, to develop the technical abilities to be able to make our hardware, but our blacksmiths also have a deeply ingrained sense of pride, where they truly care about the quality of each piece that passes through their hands. The decorative details or chase work on each item is struck onto each piece individually by hand using a mallet and a chisel. Some of our hardware can take our blacksmiths up to 10 minutes just to chisel all the decorative chase work. This is what allows our products to be evident that they are truly handmade. Every piece has a pattern it is evident that the pattern is not stamped out by a machine by looking at chase work and seeing how each marking is slightly different than the others.