Rustic Clavos & Decorative Nails

Iron Clavos and Decorative Door Nails

Our rustic iron clavos and decorative nails are designed to be ornamental and functional, adding that special finishing touch to any door, gate, cabinet, and furniture piece. Have a custom order for rustic clavos or decorative nails? Contact us today!

Rustic Iron Clavos for Doors and Gates

Borderland Rustic Hardware is proud to deliver premium quality iron clavos and decorative nails to our customers. Each of our iron clavos are hand forged from start to finish by our metal artisans and are individually hammered for authenticity. As a result, each of our rustic decorative nails feature unique, intricate designs handcrafted by our blacksmiths that cannot be found anywhere else. Our rustic clavos and decorative nails are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are the perfect way to update or change the look of any piece in your home. Order yours today!